"Completers" Dinner Celebrates Mid-year Graduates

Published by Rebecca Goldfine
Largely due to the disruptions of the pandemic, Bowdoin graduated many more seniors halfway through the academic year than it typically does.

Bowdoin treated the thirty-nine students, as well as some members of the staff and faculty, to a reception and dinner catered by Bowdoin Dining.

President Clayton Rose offered a few words of praise and reflection after the main meal and before the final course, a Bowdoin log—the College's traditional and beloved chocolate dessert. "I don't remember the last time I had a log," Rose said in anticipation of the treat. "Thank you, Dining. And thank you, Completers."

He turned his full attention to the seniors: "You all chose to spend time away, largely because of COVID. Clearly, these have been—and continue to be—unusual times for all of us."

Yet despite the disruptions, the students gathered in Main Lounge had all achieved their goal of an undergraduate education. "In the face of these challenges you have shown amazing resilience, grit, character, determination, good cheer, good will, and a strong sense of community," Rose said. "This is why five years, six years ago, we wanted you to come here and why you are so special."

Photos by Michele Stapleton

  • Completers' dinner
  • Completers' dinner
  • Completers' dinner
  • Completers' dinner
  • Completers' dinner
  • Completers' dinner

Jen Scanlon, senior vice president and dean for academic affairs, invited the students to stand up and share a few words about themselves and what they will carry in their hearts from their time at Bowdoin.

Here's a sampling of their comments:

Drake Byrd ’21 stood up first: "One important thing I've picked up [here] is the ability to empathize with other people, to understand we come from different walks of life...and how to enjoy and celebrate each other."

Connor Staubley ’21: "I would do anything for anybody here. This place is so special. Bowdoin taught me the value of friendship."

Aine Lawlor ’21: "I know a lot more about what love and care mean to me, and what I want to keep in my life."

Jason Park ’20: "The one thing I'll take away from Bowdoin is the community. All the experiences and relationships I have had here have shaped who I am...And I hope to stay in Maine and contribute to this great state. I've come to love this place."

Sophia Schnauck ’22: "One thing I'm taking away from here is that Bowdoin gave me a lot of courage to continue what I'm doing now [studying physics and math] and a support network of friends and professors." 

Maddie Ferrucci ’21: "I feel like I've made a new family here and we can get through anything together."

George Walker ’21: "It's the people I'll be taking away—the friends I admire and look up to and want to be more like. That goes for roommates and professors."

Will Savage ’21: "What I will take away from Bowdoin is the sense of community and belonging. I'll be looking to replicate that for the rest of my life." 

Photos by Michele Stapleton

  • Bowdoin completers
  • Bowdoin completers
  • Bowdoin completers
  • Bowdoin completers
  • Bowdoin completers
  • Bowdoin completers

The December Completers:

  • Thomas Bao ’21
  • Abby Marie Bashaw ’21
  • Dylan Bess ’21
  • Drake Manford Byrd ’21
  • Alexander Maxwell Chaban ’21
  • Ryan Michael Beldotti Donlan ’21
  • Lynn Farquhar ’21
  • Maddie Ada Ferrucci ’21
  • Owen Gideon-Murphy ’21
  • Adelaide Gonzalez ’21
  • Alden Grimes ’21
  • Sarai Mercedes Hernandez Salguero ’20
  • Ryan Murphy Houseman ’21
  • K. Leigh Irving ’21
  • Emma Reid Jacobs ’21
  • Jasmine J’nae Johnson ’21
  • Jiun Kim ’19
  • Rintaro Komori ’20
  • Aine Healey Lawlor ’21
  • Sophie Eliza Lewis ’21
  • Daniel Rohan Mayer ’21
  • Garrett C. Mitman ’22
  • John C. Page ’21
  • Jason J.Park ’20
  • Tor Posada Parker ’21
  • Chris MacFarlane Ritter ’21
  • Jacob Rose ’21
  • Sophia Isidora Harley Salzer ’21
  • Will Leonard Savage ’21
  • Annecy Rose Schiffer ’21
  • Sophia Christina Schnauck ’22
  • Connor James Staubley ’21
  • Madi Paige Thies ’21
  • Holden McCord Turner ’21
  • Bryan Vargas ’21
  • George Kenyon Walker ’21
  • Franny Lee Weed ’21
  • Dylan Joseph Welch ’21
  • Kaya Sophia Wurtzel ’21
In Memorium: Finnegan Woodruff ’21

Finnegan Woodruff, who passed away November 17, was meant to have joined the Completers' gathering on December 10. A service to celebrate and remember the extraordinary young man—who was a musician, an artist, an entrepreneur, an intellectual, an adventurer, and a loving friend, partner, son, and brother—was held on December 12 in Brunswick, Maine.